With the aim of implementing the policy of resistance economy, self-sufficiency, job creation and sustainable development in the agricultural infrastructure sector, Mahan Moj Mehr Company has invested and made a targeted effort to manufacture Iranian goods using the latest technology in the hands of young local experts; And in line with this sacred goal, it has produced and marketed the drip irrigation tape with the same quality as European samples under the brand name of Yazd Drip.

One of the irrigation methods that has been developed in recent years is the drip irrigation method using a type of drip irrigation tape. These tapes have water outlet holes along their length and at regular intervals, and they release water in the form of drops with specific pressure and flow rate. Drip tape can be installed on the surface and depth of the soil, and due to its raw materials, it is resistant to sunlight, chemical compounds, herbicides, and other acid compounds, and is used for watering gardens, crops, planting rows, and greenhouses, such as tomatoes, potatoes, onions, strawberries, cucumbers, corn, wheat, sugar beets, etc.

As an efficient product in modern irrigation systems and competitive with foreign samples in the market, Yazd Drip’s tape can make a significant contribution to reducing water consumption, reducing irrigation costs, and increasing the productivity of land and manpower.